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Fulfill your dream as online Sales & Marketer and earn unlimited income!

We aim at empowering and enriching our Sales & Marketing Agent through  training, sales and marketing of established brand, products and services that meets private, corporate and commercial standard and demands.

Meet our Top Selling Agent

Have the fun of life” A real life online marketing where you unlock money using smartphones, tablets and computers with internet access. After a few rounds of playing you realize your cash base is growing very fast.
Soon enough your managerial skills picks up and your performance even makes you earn more and more money. This is when you realize… Oh! I started a fully functional business with GH¢ 0.00 cash.

“People love to shop online and they love to shop on That is your “sale right there”.

Miss Damalis

Sales & Marketing Champion.

You earn money

You make commissions by Signing up businesses, marketing and selling items listed on

Your efforts are rewarded: the more you work, the more you earn!

You also earn money for each new sales and marketing Agent you recruit!

As an independent sales and marketing Agent, you have complete freedom and control over your activity inline with Zaatu terms and conditions.

Build your own successful business. The sky is the limit!

You have fun

Sell and get rewarded for it.

Gain new skills and develop your self-confidence.

Meet new people & make new friends.

Attend our social events (awards, breakfasts, outings…)

You get trained

You progressively move up our internal scale and get higher commissions.

We provide you excellent knowledge and skills.

We make sure that you become a fully empowered businessman or businesswoman.

Gain access to daily promotions.

Get free access to all our trainings and gain knowledge on your job!

You don’t need any previous experience, only passion, strong motivation and enthusiasm!!


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