Cool Breeze - Vanilla

Cool Breeze - Vanilla

Cool Breeze Membrane Continuous Freshness (Vanilla)

Cool Breeze Membrane Air Freshener is specifically designed to provide a continuous sweet fragrance that lasts up to weeks. This product can be used as a stand-alone or can be used as a refill in any 8g/8ml membrane holder. There are wide varieties of sweet fragrances to choose from. Aside their usages in portable open spaces like Living Room, Bedroom, Toilet & Bathrooms, and Offices etc. It can also be placed in suit cases and wardrobes to give your clothes a fresh and pleasant smell.

  • Remove the cover of the card on the back of the product
  • Gently remove the membrane refill pack from the carton
  • Gently remove the aluminum foil from the pack discovering the membrane where the gel evaporates and insert the open membrane refill pack into the carton.
  • At the base of the product, separate the two side flaps from one another.
  • Put the product at the place you want to have the fragrance.
Name: Zaatu Ghana
Contacts: 0244372449, 0277288040, 0244670467
Region:  Greater Accra
Location: Bubiashie, Accra
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These products are very affordable.

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