Ghana Police Hospital

Ghana Police Hospital

Ghana Police Hospital

The Ghana Police Hospital was established in 1976 nineteen years after Ghana attained her independence with the primary function of providing quality health care to the members of the Ghana Police Service and their families but currently taking care of the general public.

Departments and Units in the Police Hospital

The hospital in its present state can boast of the following departments and units:

The newly built Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which takes care of patients in critical conditions. The Ghana Police Hospital has introduced health insurance registration center and health insurance claims office which handles health insurance issues in the hospital. The hospital records department which is responsible for the confidential safe keeping of individuals folders and cards. The department is divided into three units consisting of the main records, antenatal records and the children’s record.

The out – patients department (OPD) is the main reception of the hospital. It also serves as an emergency center. The OPD which is the gateway to the wards also serve as the referral point to and from other health institutions. The OPD consists of a reception desk, four consulting rooms, dressing and injection room. Other facilities are two observation rooms with a bed capacity of nine, an isolation room and resuscitation room as well as P.O.P room where Plaster of Paris is used to form a cast around broken bones of patients for it to heal within a stipulated period of time. The OPD unit is vibrant in the provision of health care and saving lives.

The X–ray laboratory also takes care of the various radiologist diagnoses. The hospital’s medical laboratory is also available for laboratory tests of all kinds. The Anesthesia department has also seen major changes in the set up and delivery of anesthesia in the Police Hospital. The department provides a 24 hour Anesthesia cover form the hospital and major cases like General Surgery, Obstetrics, Genecology, Urology and trauma. It has also introduced a pain–free labor where a procedure is done during delivery to replace contraction pains.

The hospital has six wards. These are the executive, male, female, maternity, children’s and OPD wards that need urgent attention in other to stabilize or monitor patients closely. The Public Health Department also handles family planning issues, pre-natal, anti-natal, and post-natal issues. It also has a Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) center for Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

There is a Physiotherapy Department and an Electro Cardio Gram that is used for electro cardiothoracic diagnosis. In addition, the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (E.N.T) as well as Dental clinics are all specialized clinics which ran concurrently to assist patients. The hospital also operates a Dialysis center for patient with renal failure.  There is also a Social Service Department (SSD) which collaborates with the social welfare to attend the hospital needs of missing, abandoned as well as victims of rape and defilements.

Contact Details

Name:  Ghana Police Hospital
Contacts: 0272400071
Region: Greater Accra  Region
Location: Cantonments Near Danqauh Circle
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