Jinijini Senior High

Jinijini Senior High

Jinijini Senior High


The school has the vision of aspiring to a greater height in terms of innovation. i.e. The school will explore all avenues to expose the products to meet the challenges of the outside world.


The school has the mission of proving to the community with the good intentions that it has on students. i.e. student will learn hard and become well discipline students who will go out and fit well in their various communities.


The school has a motto which reads; Discipline and hard work. The crest has been divided into three chambers;

A scholar meaning producing more scholars
Shovel – Training the students to help build the school just as a mason puts up a mansion
A matchet and a hoe, helping the student to use these implements to produce and feed themselves without relying on others for survival.

Course Offered 
General Arts
Home Economic
General Science
visual Art
Agricultural Science


Category – Grade B School

Gender – Mixed

Housing Status – Day& Boarding

Year of Establishment – 1991

Name of Head – 

Contact Details
Name: Jinijini Senior High
Contacts: 0508760858
Region: Bono Region, Ghana
Location: Jinijini
Ghana Post GPS:  

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