Nana Brentu Senior High/Tech

Nana Brentu Senior High/Tech

Nana Brentu Tech SHS

Nana Brentu Senior High Technical School is a community school within the Ghana Public Education System. The school is a mixed institution that admits both boys and girls coming for either day or boarding. The school was founded by the late John K. Tanoku, Dr. Albert A. Essuman (UCC), the late Rev. Adjei Tutu and Nananom. The school started in October, 1989 as a private school at Enchi Commey Primary school. In January, 1990 the omnibus class was split into two, with Junior High school graduates forming the Form Two class of twenty-nine(29) whilst the Middle School Leaving Certificate graduates of about Hundred(100) students, constituted the first years. Nana Brentu Senior High Technical School moved to its current location in November, 1990 under its first Headmaster.

That Nana Brentu Senior High Technical School becomes an institution of academic excellence and one of the best within the region and the country as a whole.

The school shall provide the needed training and knowledge for the students and equip them academically with knowledge and skills to further their education into tertiary institutions.

Course Offered 
Home Economics
General Arts
General Science
Agricultural Science

Category – Grade C School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1989
Name of Head –
School Code – 0041001

Contact Details
Name: Nana Brentu Senior High/Tech
Contacts: 0593333194, 0244172731
Region: Western North Region
Location: Enchi
Ghana Post GPS:  

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