Societe Generale Ghana Plc

Societe Generale Ghana Plc

Société Générale

Societe Generale Ghana, one of the leading international banks in Ghana operates 40 fully networked branches, agencies and outlets across the country.
Societe Generale Ghana, a strong local bank, has been one of the leading banks in Ghana. Societe Generale Ghana Ltd operates 40 fully networked branches, Agencies, and outlets across the country and serves corporate customers, Individuals, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Incorporation 7 February 1975
Incorporated as a private limited liability company with the name Security Guarantee Trust Limited and was solely owned by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).
Name Established as SSB 24 February 1976
SSNIT changes the Bank’s name from Security Guarantee Trust Limited to Social Security Bank Limited.
License Granted 17 September 1976
Bank of Ghana grants a license to Social Security Bank Ltd to operate as a Bank.
Bank Officially Opens 17 January 1977
The Bank officially opens to the public with the first Branch, Accra Main located on the ground floor of the Head office. The next branch to be opened is the North Industrial Area branch.
Merge with NS&C Bank 3 May 1994
The Bank successfully merges with the National Savings & Credit Bank and retains the name Social Security Bank Ltd.
Public Offer July 1995
The Bank makes a public offer of 30% of its shares. SSNIT divests 20% of its shareholding in the Bank.
SSB Goes Public October 1995
The Bank is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.
Strategic Investment 1997
Strategic investor, a consortium made up of Blakeney Management Corporation UK, Morgan Stanley, Quantum (Soros) Emerging Market Investment Corporation, and others, buys 52% of SSB Bank’s issued shares. Allied Irish Banks PLC is appointed as a technical partner.
Change of Name 1998
SSB Bank changes its name from Social Security Bank Limited to SSB Bank Limited.
Share Acquisition December 1999
Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) acquires 20% stake in the Bank.
Change of Ownership March 2003
The ownership structure of SSB Bank changed. Société Générale, one of the largest banks in the world acquired controlling shares in SSB Bank thus making SSB Bank a subsidiary of Société Générale.
SSB Bank becomes SG-SSB Ltd 31 March 2004
In March 2004, SSB bank officially becomes SG-SSB Ltd.
SG-SSB becomes Societe Generale Ghana 26th March 2013
In March 2013 the Bank changed its name to Societe Generale Ghana to achieve greater convergence with the Societe Generale Group.
In March 2011, Societe Generale launched its new communications campaign, based on a strong and engaging signature vis-à-vis all of its customers and employees: “Building team spirit together”.
This campaign is part of the Ambition SG 2015 transformation program, whose goal is to make Societe Generale the reference for relationship banking.
For Societe Generale, a bank is first and foremost a service company, and the customer relationship will always be at the heart of this service. This conviction is the basis of the new Group signature. The promise of building team spirit together gives a complete sense of the modern relationship that the bank hopes to build with its customers – a balanced, long-term relationship where the bank works alongside its customers to help them succeed in their projects and to progress with them.
“Building team spirit together” is also the internal motto for the transformation undertaken by the Group. Combining skills, initiating synergies, pooling resources and best practices, to ultimately improve the company’s customer service – the message is as rich in meaning for employees as it is for customers. Beyond the transformation underway, team spirit is a strong value at Societe Generale, anchored in its managerial culture and practices; as a universal value, it has the potential to unite all of the Group’s employees throughout the world.
“We believe that it is by working together with our customers and within the company that we will build the reference for relationship banking. We are mobilising all of our energies and resources to meet this ambition. We know that customer satisfaction cannot be decreed; it is earned through sustained deeds and action: this is the meaning of our transformation program and our new campaign. It unites us and drives us to succeed. This is how we perceive our profession as bankers, this is how we will be useful to our clients and to the economy, in a world in upheaval”, says Frédéric Oudéa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale.

Contact Details
Name: Societe Generale Ghana Plc
Contacts: 0302208600, 0302214314
Region: Accra, Ghana
Location: Head Office, P. O. Box 13119, Ring Road Central Accra, Accra
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For Societe Generale, a bank is first and foremost a service company, and the customer relationship will always be at the heart of this service.

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