Trad. Med. Practice Council

Trad. Med. Practice Council

Traditional Medicine Practice Council

THE Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC) as the statutory institution of the Ministry of Health (MoH), mandated by the Traditional Medicine Practice Act 2000, Act 575 is not relenting in its determination to brand and create a respectable image for Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TAM) practice in Ghana.

TMPC which commenced full scale regulatory activities in September 2007, is further not relenting in its efforts to change numerous misconceptions about TAM.

Torgbuiga Yaka IV, as the Registrar for TMPC, offers visionary leadership and mentorship to a team of dedicated staffers to shape and brand TAM, as envisaged under Act 575 and as a result to promote TAM to an acceptable standards and thus enhanced public confidence in the services.

Website :

Name: Traditional Medicine Practice Council
Contacts: +233 302 965 558, +233 244 187 065, +233 204 094 067, +233 542 380 981 
Region:  Greater Accra
Location: Near Attorney General, On Top of the Ministry’s Post Office, Accra
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