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Malaysian dwarf coconut seedlings are coconut breed from Malaysian but we import them from cote d’voire*

This type of coconut comes with the following qualities :


Early maturing ( 2 to 3 yrs)

*Higher yield potential ( 160 to 200 fruits)

* Disease resistant

*Drought resistant

*High volume juice (500ml to 650ml)

* Sweet juice and quality Copra

* Organically treated

*Certified seed producers*

Ideal for domestic and commercial establishments.


. It supports almost every type of soil which is capable of absorbing water.


130pcs is appropriate on an acre of land using 15-20ft feet planting intervals

*It doesn’t require inorganic fertilizer but just a simple organic fertilizer like any animal dung( especially poultry)*


. Yellow

. Green.


Any order from 5pcs and below is ghc20 per one.

Order from 6pcs to 20pcs is ghc17 per one.

Order from 21-50pcs is ghc14 per one.

Order from 51-100pcs is ghc13 per one.

Any order from 101 and above is ghc12 per one.


we do nationwide delivery at a cost.

Delivery before payment is acceptable.


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