Voltic Mineral Water – 1.5L

Voltic Mineral Water – 1.5L x 4 | TRUSTLINK Solutions | 0244 372 449, 0277 288 040


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Voltic Mineral Water – 1.5L x 4

Voltic Natural Mineral Water is Ghana’s flagship in the bottled water category and currently commands more than 75% Market Share. Voltic is sourced deep beneath the ground and comes from the heart of Ghana and we can proudly say that although it stretches across West Africa today, its roots are from Ghana.

Benefits of Natural Mineral Water

  • Drinking Water Helps Maintain The Balance Of Body Fluids
  • Water Can Help Control Calories
  • Water Helps Energize Muscles
  • Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good
  • Water Helps Your Kidneys
  • Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function
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