Late Apraku My Daughter

Late Apraku My Daughter


I had the opportunity to listen to an audio of the late Evangelist Emmanuel Apreku (aka Apreku my Daughter). I was intrigued by the account he gave of his life and ministry.

He planted a total of 25 churches, which he did oversee as the Head for 16 years. He had a branch in the USA, Germany, Nigeria and Cameroon with the rest in Ghana.

On a two-year missions trip to the USA, Switzerland and finally, Holland he came home to find to his dismay, 20 leaders of the branches have gone solo leaving him only with 5 branches.

*If you see a man fall, don’t laugh, learn*

I know a Man of God who lost 25 of his branches in a day to men whom he literally raised as sons.
I know a Man of God who died and within a year, a thriving ministry folded up.
I know a couple of men whose businesses faded away within a year of their demise.

*If you see a man fall, don’t laugh, learn*

His later end was shown via a viral video, the outcome of that video I learned moved Dr. Sonnie Badu to ask for him to be located for support. It was in the search for him that he was found to have died in his room a few days prior to being found.

*If you see a man fall, don’t laugh, learn*

My question is where were the churches he planted and the men he raised as sons who pastored those churches? Didn’t he have friends in ministry during his good days?
Where was his family?

Many have assigned reasons and even judged him and condemned him to hell dada.

Once the thief on the cross got saved before his death, I have concluded that whatever you know about a man don’t consign him to hell yet, because only God knows what one said before exiting.

*If you see a man fall, don’t laugh, learn*

We have seen the sad story of Evangelist Emmanuel Apreku (aka Apreku my daughter). I hope and pray that we won’t LAUGH but LEARN.

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