Ada Senior High

Ada Senior High

Ada Senior High

The school campus, coupled with the serene environment provides a sound atmosphere for academic and moral excellence. Ada Senior High School has over the past 6 decades been offering the youth of this country, particularly those in the Greater Accra Region, holistic education expressed not only in intellectual development and skills acquisition but also a sense of life values necessary for social development.

The products of this school are among distinguished scholars, technical experts and decent personalities one may find in this country. The products of the school are also imbued with the philosophy of life enshrined in the school’s motto: “Onward ever onward” which reflects the Christian Soldier’s zeal and determination to persevere and be victorious.

It began as a private Day Secondary School. On the 14th of September 1961 at 7.00 am., Fourteen Boys and Three Girls were at prayers in what was then the new Assembly Hall of the Ada Presbyterian Boys’ Boarding Middle School.

To give sound moral, spiritual, physical and academic discipline to students to be able to meet challenges in life.
To become an excellent institution providing holistic education through academic, religious, and moral training.

Course Offered
General Arts
Home Economic
Visual Art 
Agricultural science
General Science

Category – Grade B School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day
Year of Establishment – 1923
Name of Head – 

Contact Details
Name: Ada Senior High
Contacts: 0278873426

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