ADB - Bank

ADB - Bank

ADB-Agricultural Development Bank

ADB is a universal bank offering full range of banking products and services in retail, commercial, corporate and investment banking. Its business focus is universal banking with development focus.
In its core banking business, ADB categorizes each customer as falling within one of its Retail, Corporate, SME, Parastatals & Institutional and E-banking segments and uses the following definitions for this purpose:
• Corporate Banking – Corporate Banking provides tailored financial solutions across all key corporate business sectors and utilizes a modern IT platform to ensure efficient and fast delivery of services. ADB has a strong corporate banking presence in a number of sectors including services, building and construction, commerce and finance.
ADB’s corporate banking offers a unique banking experience through continuous product innovation, client-centered products and quality service to corporate institutions. These services and products include syndicated lending, accounts and term deposits, corporate cards, foreign exchange operations (including forwards and swaps), trade and project finance products (supplier finance, contract finance, distributor finance, invoice discounting and trade loan), working capital finance, payroll projects, escrow services, transactional services, cash collection and leasing services.
• Commercial/ SME Banking – ADB’s management considers the Commercial/ SME segment as core to Ghana’s economic development with a high level of growth potential. ADB provides financial solutions to customers through its diversified product range and is continuously developing new products and services for its customers. ADB offers a wide variety of loan products that are tailored specifically to SME businesses in order to meet the needs of customers within this segment. These include short-to medium-term loans to finance working capital needs, equipment acquisitions and expansion of operations, as well as for other purposes.
• Agribusiness Financing – The main focus of ADB is to provide credit facilities for the development and modernization of the agricultural and agro-allied sectors of theGhanaian economy. This Division focuses on providing financial services to its clients in primary production, agro-processing, agro-export and other agricultural related activities including warehousing, distribution and marketing. The department also works closely with key stakeholders (i.e. MDAs, MMDAs and International Development Agencies) to channel funds and increase access to agricultural credit lines and financing schemes. Some products and services offered by this department include: short, medium and long term loans to customers in the agricultural sector to finance working capital, purchase product input and expand operations.
• Retail Banking
ADB has developed a diversified retail banking product mix, including the provision of traditional and innovative services designed to address the needs of its retail customers. Retail banking offers an evolving privilege banking experience through constant innovation, technology, client-centered products and quality service. The retail banking department identifies new markets/sales outlets and customer service delivery channels for the bank’s operations. Retail banking manages call center operations, customer relations, complaints and enquiries to ensure customer satisfaction. The department offers a full range of loan, account and deposit products through its multichannel platform. ADB’s management believes that the Bank’s strong brand and reputation among its customers, results from its standards of service, the design of its branches and its qualified and well-trained staff. ADB offers different types of loan products to its retail clients, including mortgage loans, consumer loans, debit cards, automobile loans, student loans, installment cards and overdrafts
• Treasury – ADB conducts treasury activities, which include; currency trading and management of all exchange related transactions, money transfer operations, management of the Bank’s liquidity and providing treasury products to its corporate clients.
• Trade Finance – ADB also provide services to import and export businesses. The trade finance team is made up of the sales and operations team which provide the following international trade services; establishment and advising of import letters of credits, import documentary collection, export letters of credit, export documentary collection, invoice discounting, guarantees, bonds and indemnities and direct payments. ADB has a wide network of correspondent banks situated across the globe to facilitate international trade.
• E- Banking – E- banking provides state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to create convenience for clients and enable them to become more efficient and profitable. ADB has a full range of innovative, customized solutions in cash management, remittances, and mobile banking. These include:
A card center aimed at granting clients an easy access to cash, with products such as Quick cash (Proprietary card), ADB Visa Classic Debit Card and Ezwich. All cardholders of GhLink, Visa and China Union Pay can also access cash on ADB’s ATMs.
Internet and Mobile banking services which include mobile money transfer services (MTN Mobile Money and Tigo Cash), electronic bank statements (Quick Statement), Notification system such as Email alert (Quic Mail), SMS alert (Quic Alert) and Birthday alert.
Cash management services which include products such as Direct Debit (Insurance premium), Stock Management (MTN stock management) and Automated Cash Receipt Systems (e.g. Transflow Services, NLA Fast Pay/Fast Credit, WAEC collection and National Service Secretariat (NSS) registration fee collection.
• Bancassurance
Under ADB’s standard loan agreement, retail clients are required to maintain life and/or property insurance on their mortgage and consumer loans. ADB offers such insurance to customers as an intermediary in partnership with Vanguard Assurance, a member of the Vanguard Group.

Contact Details
Name: ADB-Agricultural Development Bank
Contacts: 0302210210
Region: Accra, Ghana
Location: Accra
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The department offers a full range of loan, account and deposit products through its multichannel platform. ADB’s management believes that the Bank’s strong brand and reputation among its customers, results from its standards of service, the design of its branches and its qualified and well-trained staff.

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