APK Courier Ghana Ltd

APK Courier Ghana Ltd

APK Courier Ghana Limited

APK Couriers Ghana Ltd is a wholly owned Ghanaian Limited Liability Company that was established in 2010. It Commenced business in April 2010 as a result of the merger of BKB Couriers Ltd the Parent company of BKB Couriers (GH) Ltd and APK Couriers Worldwide GMBH of Germany and it’s agent in the UK LHR Global Logistics of UK.

APK Courier is made up of almost the entire staff of BKB Couriers (GH) which due to the merger officially ceased to operate in Ghana from July 2010. APK Courier has been structured to be more Proactive and Client Sensitive-minded to provide direct courier services to individual, institutions with diverse operational activities.

The Managing Director
APK Couriers Ghana Ltd
P. O. Box AN 10169
Accra – North

Digital Address:
No. 14 Brewery Road
Adabraka official Town

Cell Numbers:
+233 – (0)20 – 434 3568
+233 – (0)20 – 434 3539
+233 – (0)20 – 434 3534
+233 – (0)24 – 324 4212




Name: APK Courier Ghana Ltd
Contacts: 0204343534
Region: Accra, Ghana
Location: Accra
Ghana Post GPS: 
Email: info@apkghana.com 
Website: http://www.apkghana.com/

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