Fire Solution Technology

Fire Solution Technology

Fire Solution Technology

Fire Solution Technology is registered under act 1962No. 151 is a sole proprietorship which specialises in fire fighting Equipment.

Fire Solution Technology is registered under act 1962(No. 151) is a sole proprietorship which specialises in fire fighting.
The company provides specialized safety for homes and workplaces, thus, Fire Fighting equipment. Fire Solution Technology has been in operation for the past two years in a highly competitive industry.
We are noted for our prompt service delivery and the state of the act equipment in fighting fires, coupled with our skilled labour force in enhancing safety.
Fire Solution Technology is a company aspiring to provide fire safety to every household in its catchment area and beyond, and shall exist to give solution to all kinds of fire related problems for the betterment of our beloved nation.
Our Mission Statement:
To be the best service provider in the fire fighting industry by the providing modern fire proof equipment to keep our communities safe.
To provide fire fighting equipment for every household and establishment in Ghana.
To supply fire safety equipments at affordable rates.
To adapt and reinvent fire safety and be remembered with pride.
* Empowering the staff with pragmatic business skills
* Employing the best marketing policy and enhancing our customer relation
* Setting up branches and also out-sourcing part of our services.
There is nothing more important than keeping your fire fighting equipment in tip-top condition. Your life could depend on it!
Can you imagine, after having made the wise investment of equipping your home, office or factory with extinguishers, you find they fail you at the explosive moment they are needed? Disaster!!! Your equipment must be regularly checked and serviced!
Whether it’s your emergency exit lights, your hose reels, or your extinguishers, all firefighting equipment and fixtures must be checked on a six monthly basis by a trained and authorized inspector. That is a government requirement! The crew at Fire Solution Technology can perform that crucial task for you.
Yet another statutory requirement is that both water and foam extinguishers must be discharged and recharged every 12 months. Again, we fulfill that task for you.
Extinguishers must also be pressure tested: how often depends on your environment. If you have excessive heat, cold or dust, your environment is considered ‘hostile’. In these cases, pressure testing is required, by law, every three years.
Don’t worry. When you become a Fire Solution Technology customer, we’ll keep track of the dates, advise you when we need to visit, and then we’ll take care of it all for you.

Contact Details
Name: Fire Solution Technology
Contacts: 0249158054
Region: Accra, Ghana
Location: Accra
Ghana Post GPS:

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