Get Delayed/Lost Voucher

Get Delayed/Lost Voucher

How To Get Delayed/Lost Voucher Details Via USSD

There are times when SMS delivery fails or you loose your voucher details.
Your can use the MONIcliq Portal to retrieve the voucher details.
Simple follow the steps below
1. Dial the MONIcliq short code *899*783#
2. Select My purchases
3. Select the appropriate date and time.
Only the last five purchases are displayed. Please contact us if the purchase is not shown.
4. Choose to have the message resent via SMS or email

For security reasons SMSes and emails will only be sent to the contacts they we initially sent to on purchase.
if the purchase is not listed please contact our customer care via the following means
Mobile – +244344783838
Whatsapp – +244344783838
Telegram – +244344783838
If you buy in bulk you can contact us and request and email to be linked to your phone number. That way every purchase will also be sent to your linked email.

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