Half Assini Senior High

Half Assini Senior High

Half Assini SHS
The school was one of the schools founded by the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. He founded the school with sixty students and four teachers. The school was among the few early established schools in the country (Modern Ghana) and it attracted the best of brains across the continent. Most of the infrastructure in the school now was originally put up by Nkrumah, and sincerely it had one of the best science resource centers in the country at the time.

Course Offered
General Arts
General Science
Visual Art
Agricultural Science
Home Economics 

Category – Grade B School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1960
Name of Head – 

School Code – 0040303

Contact Details
Name: Half Assini Senior High
Contacts: 0312022061
Region: Western Region, Ghana
Location: Half Assini
Ghana Post GPS:  


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