Methodist High School

Methodist High School

Methodist High School, Saltpond

The Methodist High School, Saltpond was founded for the Methodist Church in November 1981 by Rev. Ebenezer K. Baiden. He was also the frst headmaster of the school. Rev. Baiden was then the Superintendent Minister of the Saltpond Methodist Church. The school was started in the historic and famous Hammond Hall of the Saltpond Methodist Church where the Convention People’s Party (CPP) was founded. It later moved to the premises of the Methodist Middle School at Mount Pleasant at Apeakwaa. It fnally moved to an abandoned building belonging to the UTC adjacent to the Saltpond Post Ofce, where it is now located.

Academic Excellence, characterised by the moral standard comparable to any other “First Class School” in order to make every student  in society and globally safe.
To provide relevant education to all Ghanaians at all levels to enable them to acquire skills that will assist them to develop their potential to be productive, to facilitate poverty reduction to promote socioeconomic growth and national development.

Course Offered
General Arts
Home Economic
General Science
Visual Art

Category – Grade B School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1981
Name of Head – 

Contact Details
Name: Methodist High School, Saltpond
Contacts: 0243154914
Region: Central Region, Ghana
Location: Saltpond
Ghana Post GPS:  

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