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Mission and Vision

The Department’s Mission, vision, and goals are consistent with that of the Pentecost University College which professes to be on the cutting edge of dissemination of knowledge, quality education, research and to produce excellent Nurses who would not only compete with nurses worldwide but excel in all areas as well. We profess to empower students to serve their own generation and posterity in the fear of God.


This philosophy is consistent with the Pentecost University College Mission Statement of the University and the Philosophy of nursing in general; which inculcates caring for the individual clients, family,  group or community placed under her/his care as unique persons with peculiar needs. We believe in nursing our clients with the fear of God with the highest integrity, irrespective of colour, belief, race, poor or rich. We believe in life promotion or otherwise life preservation, restoration and rehabilitation; physically, socially, mentally and spiritually whenever possible, or otherwise where death is inevitable to aid the client die peacefully through negotiating peace with God.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program prepares the graduate to:

  1. Integrate concepts from the Arts and Sciences in promoting health and managing complex nursing care situations.
  2. Apply Leadership concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision, and oversight of nursing practice in a variety of settings.
  3. Translate principles of patient safety and quality improvement t into the delivery of high quality care.
  4. Appraise, critically summarize and translate current research into evidence-based nursing practice.
  5. Integrate knowledge, processes, and skills from nursing science; information and patient care technologies; and communication tools to facilitate clinical decision-making, and the delivery of safe and effective nursing care.
  6. Describe the effects of health policy, economic, legal, political and socio-cultural factors on the delivery of and advocacy for equitable health care.
  7. Demonstrate effective professional communication and collaboration to optimize healthcare.
  8. Deliver and advocate for health promotion and disease prevention strategies at the individual, family, community levels.
  9. Demonstrate value-based, professional behaviors that integrate altruism, autonomy, integrity, social justice and respect for diversity and human dignity.
  10. Demonstrate critical thinking, clinical decision making, and psychomotor skills necessary for the delivery of       competent, evidence-based, holistic, and compassionate care to patients across life span.


Applicant with the following qualification may apply for the Bachelor of Sciences Nursing Programme

    1. Holders of SSSCE                  Grade A – D
    2. Holders of WASSSCE           Grade A1 – C6

Candidates must have THREE CORE

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science

THREE ELECTIVES (at least a credit in any of the following):

PURE SCIENCE: chemistry, Biology, Physics / Elective Mathematics

AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE: General agriculture, Physics and Chemistry.

HOME ECONOMICS: Food and Nutrition, Biology, Economics, Management in Living, General Knowledge in Art.


  • Economics
  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • English literature
  • Any Ghanaian Language



Applicants with credits or better grades from the under listed fields are granted Admission

  • General Arts
  • Pure Science
  • Agric Science
  • Food and Nutrition

Because International Applicants do not have CORE SCIENCE, We accept FURTHER MATHS as replacement.






Applicants must be at least 25years old at the time of submitting the application. Two categories of mature applicants would be considered:

  • State registered Nurses (SRN) will be entered at level 200
  • Registered General Nurses will be entered at level 200
  • Candidates shall have a minimum CGPA of 3.25 or better from accredited institution of Nursing with a pass in good standing with the nursing and midwifery Council of Ghana.

Program information

  1. Eligible students shall attend all lectures, tutorials, mentorship discussions, seminars and practicals and undertake all other assignments as approved by the university.
  2. Students shall be expected to attend other activities prescribed for the courses they offer.
  3. A student who is absent for a cumulative period of 21days from all lectures shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the courses.
  4. Each course shall normally be completed in one semester.
  5.  There are 2 (Two) Levels of Students for BSc. In nursing


Contact Details
Name:    Pentecost University
Contacts: 0283094284, 0302417057/8
Region: Greater Accra, Ghana
Location:  Kaneshie, Accra
Ghana Post GPS:
Address: P. O. Box KN 1739



They believe in nursing our clients with the fear of God with the highest integrity, irrespective of colour, belief, race, poor or rich.

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