Unique Flavour & Fragrance

Unique Flavour & Fragrance
Unique Flavour & Fragrance
We are the largest suppliers of quality industrial flavour, fragrance, aromatic raw materials and colours in Ghana and growing across West Afriaca.
unique flavours & fragrances affiliated to internationally renowned manufactures of aromatic raw material, essentials oils, organic extracts, odoriferous natural and synthetic substances, flavouring   and addictive in the USA, Europe, Asia and rest of the world.
The vision of unique flavours and fragrances is to provide a first class service to our clients and to be the best in Ghana and West Africa. we are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. the products and services we offer include food flavouring, fragrances, and colours for industrial, commercial and household purposes. we also provide full back-up services which include research and development, applications, technical support & quality control on behalf of our clients.
we give advice on product formulas and can  create new products for our clients. We offer a unique costumes service plus a delivery device where applicable at your door step.
We have a selection of fragrances based on pure, natural and nature identical materials, as well as selection of natural identical, artificial and and synthetic flavours and we also supply assorted food colours and cosmetics colours our objective is not  just to sell to customers but to develop a strong business relationship which includes market product knowledge, provision of samples for testing and evaluation before any sale is finalised.
only by such a a relationship can our customers have full confidence in our products which are of the highest standard. the manufacturing sites of all the products we supply are fully accredited ISO9001, ensuring world class standard.
The flavours, fragrances and colours we supply are much sought after.  We owe a responsibility to our clients to supply the best to boost their sales. we sell quality products at competitive prices.
Sample Library  
we have a modern sample library displayed with a wide range of flavours, fragrances, and colours. this is one stop “think tank” sample library, where we offer product selection and testing. you are welcome to visit our ample library at a suitable time by appointment.
Request for Sample 
You may request a sample  to be delivered directly to you (should you know what you require), or request a visit by one of our trained sales consultants for discussion and selection. they will have with them a mini sample kit to help you with your selection.
Industrial, wholesale & cash & carry shop 
We operate a one stop cash and carry unit at all our branches where you can buy pre-packaged products in 1kg-5kg, 25kg, and 180kg. wholesale orders can be made from any of those outlets.
Our customers base include manufacturers of flavoured products such as pastries, biscuits, soft drinks, snacks and confectionery facilities.
Our fragrances and personal care raw materials are  used by our customers in the production of such diverse products as soap (bar, powdery & liquid), cosmetics and toiletries (shampoo & conditioners), skin care products and industrial products such as detergents, disinfectants and luxury room freshening products for the home, such as candles.
In addition we supply colours that can be used in all types of products.
personal care raw materials
We have now added to our range: unique personal care product raw materials sourced from internationally renowned. these include
Skincare – Creams & Lotions, bath gels and shampoo
cosmetics – hair care, hair styling, antiseptic disinfectant
pharmaceuticals – car care, home car/ janitorial
detergents – liquid soaps, laundry, floor, window, glass cleaner
this enable us not to only to provide fragrances but also active ingredients, making us a one stop supplier for your production.
Being on our customer list automatically qualifies you to access our affiliates R& D lab, application facility and technical support. we believe in maintaining a good business relationship.
Base of Production
We can conduct test in your base with suitable flavours, fragrances or colours of your choice that can be accepted by the market.
We treat every business transaction in the strictest of confidence & our customers can rest assured that this confidentiality is the key to our success.
Our friendly staff are well-trained to ensure we provide excellent product knowledge and customers service, makimg us one of the best organization to work with.

Name : Unique Flavour & Fragrance
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Contact No. : 0244720380, 0302850202, 0302851471
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Location: Near Ex Weija Barrier, Mallam-Kosoa RD, Accra-Ghana
Website : www.supremegenesis.com
Email : info.supremegenesis.com



The vision of unique flavours and fragrances is to provide a first class service to our clients and to be the best in Ghana and West Africa.

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