Dagbon State Senior High/Tech

Dagbon State Senior High/Tech

Dagbon State SHS 

Dagbon State Senior High Technical is one of the senior high schools in NORTHERN Region at Yendi of Yendi Municipal district.


To train middle level personnel thus equipping them with the requisite skills that will enable them to be self supporting, self-employable, useful to themselves and to the state as a whole rather than relying more on non-existing white collar jobs. This mission is in consonance with the national policy of poverty alleviation through empowering the youth with skills that can get them employment. A second mission is to train the products in such a manner that they would meet the requirements for entry into post-secondary and tertiary institutions.


To achieve academic and moral excellence within a given period. To work towards the formation of well-behaved individuals with the requisite knowledge, skills, values, aptitudes and attitudes to become functional and productive citizens. It is envisaged that the school would serve as a centre of excellence and pilot research centre for acquisition of knowledge and Technical, Vocational, Business Science and General Arts.

Course Offered 
Home Economics
General Arts
General Science
Agricultural Science

Category – Grade C School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1991
Name of Head –
Index Code – 0080802

Contact Details
Name: Dagbon State Senior High/Tech
Contacts: 0201691546, 0244780580
Region: Northern Region
Location: Yendi
Ghana Post GPS:  
Email: davbeso@gmail.com

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