Maranatha University College

Affiliation Procedure

The Office processes applications for affiliation as follows:

  1. Applying College/Institution submit application to Registrar/Vice-Chancellor
  2. Acknowledge receipt of the application and request applying College/Institution to submit National Accreditation Board (NAB) authorization letter, institutional documents (statute, students’ handbook, and Strategic plan) and programme document(s) of programme(s) seeking affiliation for.
  3. Request the applying institution to pay non-refundable affiliation processing fee.
  4. Forward programme documents to supervising department/faculty for assessment.
  5. Place the programme report before the Inter-Faculty Committee on Institutional Affiliation.
  6. Schedule institutional visit to the applying Institution.
  7. Submit an affiliation report to the Vice-Chancellor
  8. Request for a letter of affiliation for the applying institution if the Committee’s report is favourable.
  9. Submit the letter of affiliation together with a copy of affiliation guidelines document indicating moderation processes, monitoring and financial obligation to the institution.

There are currently a number of Colleges/Institutions which hold affiliation with the University of Cape Coast for the purpose of awarding diplomas and degrees of the University. Colleges/Institutions which presently hold affiliation with the University of Cape Coast are as follows:


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