National Ambulance Service

National Ambulance Service

National Ambulance Service


The National Ambulance Service (NAS) was established in the year 2004 as an agency of the Ministry of Health and a product of collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Ghana National Fire Service of the Ministry of Interior. As a statutory agency, NAS has been charged with specific roles and responsibilities of establishing and operating a nationwide comprehensive pre-hospital emergency care. NAS has since its inception migrated from Seven (7) Stations in Three (3) Regions to presence in every district of the country. The Service runs a two tier Administrative system, the Head office and District Levels (operational level). There is however a unitary coordinating staff at the regional level. The Head Office is the main Administrative harp of the service with its main function being to divulge Government policies and develop operational policies and protocol for the service. It is also responsible for ensuring that targets are met, by the provision of requisite logistics and needed motivation to ensure that the staff put in their best. NAS has since inception attended to over 50,000 cases and counting, whiles delivering world class emergency care services to patients. Do not hesitate to call on the services of the NAS by dialling 112 anytime you need an ambulance. We are just a phone call away.


    1. We strive to be a world class Emergency Medical Service(EMS) that provides the highest quality and most cost effective emergency health care to the people in Ghana, through enthusiatic and well-trained staff.



    1. To provide integrated, high quality, pre – hospital emergency and medical care, health transport, medical retrieval and education services to all people in Ghana. NAS achieve this through a system of trained operatinal staff and committed support staff in a compassionate, dignified, and professional manner



    • To provide pre-hospital emergency care to accident victims (Road traffic, Domestic, Industrial, Medical etc.)
    • To transport accident victims from the scene of an incident to an appropriate health facility
    • To provide stand by emergency cover at mass public meetings and to liaise with other emergency services in time of disaster or mass casualty incidents.
    • To assist in the formulation and implementation of programmes for first respondents.
    • To identify , recruit and train cadres for the service
    • To assist in establishment and operation of makeshift hospitals during mass casualty situations

Name: National Ambulance Service
Contacts: 0501614877
Region: Greater Accra
Location: Atta Mills High Street Adjacent National Lotteries Head Office
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