Northern School of Business

Northern School of Business

Northern School of Business SHS

Northern School of Business SHS, as it is currently known, was established as a private school in 1972 by Mr. A. S. O. Arthur. The school was then housed in a makeshift structure without electricity, pipeborne water and other basic facilities that make for a standard institution. The school was absorbed into the public system in 1976. It was converted into a Senior Secondary School in 1991. Currently, the school offers four programmes.


To provide quality education to its students so as to enable them acquire the requisite qualification for further learning in tertiary institutions and become responsible and productive citizens ready to assume leadership roles in the country’s socio-economic development, poverty reduction agenda as well as promote co-curricular activities needed for human resource development.


The mission of the school is to recruit and maintain qualified, competent and dedicated staff who will/shall give in their utmost best in tuition and also to admit B. E. C. E. leavers who have attained the requisite qualification and ensure quality education delivery with the view to achieving academic excellence, high level of discipline, good morals, excellence in sports as well as good sanitation.

Course Offered 
Home Economics
General Arts
General Science

Category – Grade C School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1972
Name of Head –
Index Code – 0080103

Contact Details
Name: Northern School of Business
Contacts: 0372022932, 0242562275
Region: Northern Region
Location: Tamale
Ghana Post GPS:  

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