Tamale Senior High School

Tamale Senior High School

Tamale Senior High School 

Tamale Senior High School formerly Government Secondary School, Tamale, Gbewaa Secondary School, and more recently Tamale Secondary School is a co-educational second cycle boarding school located at Education Ridge, a suburb of the Sagnarigu Municipality (which was carved out of the Tamale Metropolis in 2012) in the Northern Region of Ghana. The school was founded in 1951 by the then British Colonial Authorities as the first second cycle institution of the Northern Territories.

The school is a selective school that grants admissions to students in Ghana based on their results in the Basic Education Certificate Examination, and for students outside Ghana, based on a special entrance examination prepared by the school. Courses offered by the school include; Business, General Science, Home Economics, Technical, General Arts, and Visual Arts. Tamale Senior High School is considered amongst institutions of the highest prestige in Ghana, due to its longstanding history predating independent Ghana, and its prominent alumni. The school can count amongst its ranks; a head of State, two vice presidents of the fourth republic of Ghana, a speaker of parliament, two Justices of the Supreme Court of Ghana, two Chiefs of Defense Staff, and a host of government ministers and members of parliament.

Tamale Senior High School was founded by then British Colonial Administration as Government Secondary School, Tamale in 1951.The school then became the first secondary school in then Northern Territories under the then British Colonial Administration.[1] The main objective of the establishment of the institution amongst others was to mitigate the widening gap of the human resource capacity between the North and the South of the then British Colony. The school throughout its existence has gone various name changes. In 1972, the name of the school was changed to Gbewaa Secondary School. The name was later changed to Tamale Secondary School and now, Tamale Senior High School.

As a selective school, admissions are based on the results of applicants in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). After the results are released, students gain admission through a computerised system that selects students who chose the school prior to writing their BECE based on their raw score. Due to this, students gain admission solely on merit. For students outside Ghana who want to attend the school, special entrance examinations are organised by the school to accept such students based on merit. After students who qualify are given admission, they are given an official prospectus which will help them know what is required of them as new students of the school.

Curriculum and halls of residence
Courses provided by the school at its inception were; English, Mathematics, Science, History, Latin, Geography, Citizenship, Hygiene and Physiology, Agriculture, Music, Arts and Crafts. The Crafts taught were Cloth Weaving, Book Binding, Leather Work and Pottery.[5] Today, courses run by the school include; Business, General Science, Home Economics, Technical, General Arts, and Visual Arts. Students who apply for the school also choose the course they will want to offer prior to writing their BECE examination. The computerised system subsequently places students not only into the school but also into their preferred course.

There are eight halls of residence in the school and they are;

Tamakloe House
Gbewaa House
Patterson House
Nkrumah House
Hayfron House
Wemah House
Gbadamosi House
Bawumia House

Course Offered
General Arts
General Science
Home Economics
Visual Arts
Agricultural Science


Category – Grade A School

Gender – Mixed

Housing Status – Day/Boarding 

Year of Establishment – 1951

Name of Head – Rev Edward Azika

Contact Details
Name: Tamale Senior High School 
Contacts: 0249943868
Region: Northern Region, Ghana
Location: Tamale
Ghana Post GPS:  

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