Awudome Senior High

Awudome Senior High

Awudome SHS

Awudome Senior High School was established to provide relevant education to all Ghanaian children of all creed and tribe, instill skills of the head, heart and hand in products that will assist them to develop their potential, to be productive and facilitate poverty reduction; socio-economic growth and national development.

The vision of the founding fathers was to develop an educational institution that is well staffed with experienced and motivated teachers who would help bring education to the traditional area and beyond by training children to acquire knowledge and skills in science and Mathematics, Economics, Agriculture, the General Arts, Visual Arts and Business studies so that they become employable either by themselves or by other bodies, thereby promoting the social, cultural, economic and political well-being of Ghana.

Truth, love, responsibility are the watch words of the school. These virtues are represented in the school crest by the Bible, a clasp of hands and a stool.

School Colours:-

Originally, the school colours were yellow and black but over the years, this has changed to yellow and dark blue.

Awudome Senior High School was founded in September 1963 by hard-working self-help spirited Native Teachers of Tsito (T. N. T. A). The school was however granted government recognition and assistance in September 1965.

It is located at Tsito, one of the towns that make up the Awudome Traditional Area in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is built on a 60.5 acre land donated by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Tsito and some prominent citizens.

It is located along the Ho-Accra road. The school is one of the category ‘A’ schools in the Volta Region.

The first Headmaster of the school was Mr. Haper Wheeler, an American who hailed from Minnesota He, at the time of becoming the Headmaster, was attached to the University of Ghana’s Residential Adult College at Tsito by the International Development of California and the Higgis family of Massachusetts.

Course Offered

General Arts
Home Economic
Visual Art 
Agricultural Science 

Category – Grade B School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1963
Name of Head –
School Code  – 70104

Contact Details
Name: Awudome Senior High School 
Contacts: 0209091616
Region: Volta Region, Ghana
Location: Tanyigbe

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