Kaleo Senior High/Tech

Kaleo Senior High/Tech

Kaleo SHS

The school was established in 1963 as a middle school and in 1974 converted to JHS. In 1991, it was further converted into the Senior Secondary Technical School. It 15km from Wa towards Nadowli. It is at the western section of Kaleo town called Sangu close to the Catholic Mission. It shares boundaries with St Dominic JHS and St. Basilide Vocational Techincal Institute.

Aspires to be a first-choice school for parents/ guardians and student and prepare students to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills for national development.

Produce students with excellent academic results to further their education and fit into the job market.

Course Offered 
Home Economics
General Arts
General Science
Agricultural Science

Category – Grade C School
Gender – Mixed
Housing Status – Day& Boarding
Year of Establishment – 1991
Name of Head –
School Code – 0100501

Contact Details
Name: Kaleo Senior High/Tech
Contacts: 0208396010
Region: Upper West Region
Location: Kaleo
Ghana Post GPS:  
Email: Kashts1990@gmail.com

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