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Those who aspire to the priesthood must have been recommended from minor seminaries or must have received the same human and scientific formation which prepares one for higher studies in other institutions of higher learning (Canon 234.2).

In order to be admitted, an applicant must possess one of the following academic qualifications:

(i) West African Senior School Certificate (WASSSCE): The prospective applicant must have obtained a credit (C6) or better in three core subjects, including English and Mathematics; and three credits (C6) or better in three elective subjects with an aggregate score of 24 or better.

(ii) Senior Secondary School Certificate: The prospective applicants must have had a credit (D) or better in the core subjects, including English, Mathematics; and credits (D) or better in any three elective subjects with an aggregate score of 25 or better.

(iii) Post-Secondary Education: an applicant must have passed the requisite examination conducted by the Ministry of Education, Ghana. Mature students with relevant professional qualifications approved by the National Accreditation Board may apply. They must have obtained Credit in English and Math.

(iv) General Certificate of Education (GCE): the prospective applicant must have obtained credits in at least five subjects including English, Mathematics and Science in the General Certificate of Examination, Ordinary Level. He must have at least two passes with a “E” or better in the GCE Advanced Level and a pass in General paper.

(v) The applicant who attended the Pre Philosophy programme must have passed all the required courses. Or the applicant who took part in a post-SHS programme as organized by the Diocesan Bishop.

Other Requirements

The Applicant must be a baptized and confirmed catholic with the requisite certificates for evidence (Canon 241, 2).
Applicant must have a recommendation from his Vocation Director, with whom he must have been acquainted for at least one year.
The applicant must also have a recommendation from his Parish Priest.
A clean bill of health.


Foreign applicants, (Applicants from Dioceses other than those served by the seminary), shall be admitted upon the recommendation of their Local Ordinary and the consent of the Archbishop of Accra.

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